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About us

DURUM Verschleiss-Schutz GmbH („DURUM“) was established in 1984 as a manufacturer of advanced hard-facing products. Today DURUM has production and service centers in Brazil, France and the USA and supports a network of independent agencies throughout the world. DURUM provides high performance products for Welding and Thermal Spraying for the protection of their customer’s equipment. The products are successfully used by customers in the ceramic industry, oil and gas industry, mining, cement industry, agriculture and many other industries.

The wide range of specialized hard-facing materials includes:
Tungsten Carbide Wires and Rods – Nickel, Cobalt and Iron based Flux Cored Wires – Wear resistant Flux Cored Wires – Laser-Cladding Wires and Powders – Tungsten Carbides, Complex Carbides and Chromium Carbides for Manual Arc Welding – PTA Welding Powders – PTA machines, torches and powder feeders – Powders for Oxy-acetylene Welding and Spraying – Thermal Spray Powders and Wires – Wear Plates

Products and services

  • Rods for oxyacetylene welding
  • Tungsten carbide products (tubular and flexible wire rods) for extreme wear
  • Nickel, Cobalt or Iron based Flux Cored Wire
  • Special combinations of 2 or more alloys to provide specific surfacing properties that are unobtainable by other coating methods
  • FCAW wires with carbides to provide extremely hard and tough coatings, used principally for extreme wear applications
  • Tungsten carbide, complex carbide and chromium carbides for manual arc welding
  • PTA welding powders
  • Powders for oxyacetylene welding and spraying
  • Fused crushed and Spherical tungsten carbides
  • Pre-manufactured replacement wear parts
  • Thermal spray powders (conforming to DIN EN 1274)
  • Thermal spray wires (conforming to DIN EN 14919)


DURUM provides high performance welding and surfacing wires and powders for typical applications in steel-, cement- and aluminium industry that can be applied by a range of processes including:
• Flux Cored Wires
• Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) Welding
• Oxy-fuel welding
• Thermal spray (powder and wire)

DURUM maintains production and workshop facilities through its subsidiaries in Brazil (São Paulo), France (Saint Victor) and the USA (Houston, Texas).



DURUM focuses on "continuous development" and sets aside a significant annual budget for research and development including new product advancement, product enhancement and the development of highly specialized solutions to the most challenging applications in the oil and gas industry.
As a result of applying specially developed products, we offer our clients the unique ability to salvage magnetic and non-magnetic parts that would otherwise have been scrapped.

Hard-facing material solutions for high performance coatings in wear and corrosion applications

Hard-facing material solutions for high performance coatings in wear and corrosion applications

The protection of machinery and structural components by thermal coatings is of huge economic importance and helps to achieve savings by reducing expensive downtimes. Applying optimized functional coatings with DURMAT high-performance wires show enhanced properties. DURUM's know-how for manufacturing Flux Cored Wire is very vast and versatile. Optimal seaming to obtain a high powder filling degree, knowledge of chemical components and additives is a vital requirement and an essential basis.


DURUM Verschleißschutz GmbH
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