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Strong hold Mounting Tapes

WEICON has developed special mounting tapes. A transparent one for visible and therefore demanding bondings and a grey tape for bonding components with low surface energy.

The transparent mounting tape is double-sided and made from acrylate adhesive. It holds up to 80 kg per meter. It is particularly well-suited for constructional bondings, which permanently fasten transparent objects in indoor as well as outdoor areas.

The grey tape is strongly adhesive, double-sided and made from modified acrylic foam. It holds up to 85 kg per meter. It is particularly suited for bonding components with low surface energy, such as PE and PP, as well as for powder coated surfaces.

The grey tape is also suitable for hybrid adhesive joints – the components which are going to be bonded are fastened by two different materials, one adhesive and one bonding tape. The tape allows safe positioning of the component, until the adhesive is cured and has reached full strength.

Exhibitor: WEICON GmbH & Co. KG

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